Wed. Feb 24th Sound Bath in SF

Wed. Feb 24th Sound Bath in SF!


Check out our monthly sound bath at Studiomix!

No incense. No chanting (well, sometimes ;o) haha! ) No religion.

This will be experiential! All you have to do is show up, lay down, and take in the healing tones of the Crystal Bowls and Gong. If this is your first Sound Bath, it will be unlike anything you have experienced!

Guest Collaborator info to come!

The Details!

Where?Studiomix, 1000 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco When? Wednesday, February 24th 8:30-9:15 What?  Sound Bath How to RSVP? Go here:

Click on the red tab that says "Find a Class" and choose Wednesday, January 28th. It helps to RSVP here, however payment will be received through the Studiomix website. $20

About the experience:

We’ll begin with a description of what you may experience, you will then lay down and be guided into being present. After the sounds have quieted, there will a period of silence. You will then hear Danielle's voice bringing you back. We’ll complete with a grounding exercise and with suggestions for self-care.

Your experience is going to be truly individual and unique to the person next to you. As you are washed in a virtual "bath" of healing sounds, the tones build and evolve, producing a sea of sound that is both timeless and alive.

The sounds interact powerfully with our bodies, cleansing and rejuvenating us at the deepest cellular levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Blocks and tensions are washed away, leaving you centered, refreshed, energized, and fully present and connected with the world around you.

How do I dress?

Please dress comfortably as you will be laying down on the floor. You will be asked to take off your shoes, so please wear socks if that will be more comfortable.

What to bring?

Though Yoga mats are available, you are welcome to bring anything that will make you more comfortable (blanket, pillow, bolster, yoga mat, etc.) Water is also recommend. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath included:

• relief from stress or anxiety

• pain reduced

• peace of mind and mental clarity

• emotional healing or release

• continuing self development

• better sleep

• spiritual connection, integration and wholeness.

See you soon!  RSVP here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have have a history of seizures, or currently have thrombosis, you will not be permitted without a doctors note with their permission to participate. Sound Baths are not recommend if you pregnant since there will be deep sound waves.