Morning Cup Introspection

Morning Cup Introspection / Dirty Chai / Sept 7 / 9:34am (SF) //

This morning around 7am I sat at the kitchen table of my friend and sound healing colleague, Dom, and with my friend Meisha, who is a kundalini instructor and beautiful gong player, with Dom's 11 year old daughter singing and dancing around the kitchen while we openly discussed resources and books we are reading. The whole time I kept thinking about how amazing it was to discuss and share in this way with people who are doing very similar work. ...We live in a society where we feel like we need to hoard information and resources out of fear that someone will advance faster than us, be better than us, be liked more, and so on.. I know it happens in all industries. I once came from that same fear of lack thinking... The way I think and act now is that I am happy to share what I know and do but within context. Not all situations are created equal. It's out of love. I am not going to do the work for you BUT I will be happy to point you in a direction to create your own success. I want you to succeed in your business as a sound practitioner/sound healer/sound therapist! It elevates the industry. It opens the door for others! It facilitates wellness within our community and beyond! Do the work. Choose love over fear.