Morning Cup Introspection

Morning Cup Introspection / Diner Coffee / Sept 1 / 7:30am //

I have this superpower where people... Strangers! Just tell me things. They share the most intimate details and ongoings of their life. From being nervous about an upcoming doctor visit, the challenges in their relationships, to the immense joy brought into their life!

You never know... You never know what is going on in the lives of another. What they are going through. What their life experience has been or where they are now... & yesterday was a reminder of that when a washer/dryer tech came to my place, looking depleted, grey, & unhappy.. He opened up to me about his life. So, I gave him a mini sound bath and tuning fork therapy! EVERYTHING changed within him. He had life! He had energy! He showed joy! 

...I believe EVERYONE has a superpower. Something that ONLY YOU can bring into this world Bc of your own life experience. What is your superpower? BRING IT!!!! The time is NOW!!! 

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