Morning Cup Introspection

Morning Cup Introspection/ Dirty Chai / Sept 3 / 11:32am //

Little bit of a late start but I'm ok with that. Hahah!

I have been working long hours lately... I have a new client that my company will be offering sound healing services to on a weekly basis in the Bay Area. I leave Atlanta on Monday morning to teach and to integrate sound healing into a program geared to helping children through various traumas. My heart is so full!

There are a few things happening here:
1) The wo
rk I have done with kids and adults dealing with various traumas is being acknowledged by this other company

2) The creation of a program to teach those wanting to be a sound practitioner that has been tested and integrated into a Trauma Center for Kids.

3) I am creating jobs for Sound Practitioners to do what they LOVE and are PASSIONATE about so they may succeed in a field that is not mainstream, YET!

4) I am finally acknowledging myself, my hard work. I am taking witness to, and a moment to feel, the journey of my dream come true.

<3 Danielle