6 Tips For Your First Sound Bath

You are probably wondering how to get the most from your sound bath experience. Well, I’m glad you’re here! Below you will find some helpful tips to ease your mind and support you in having the best experience.

When you first start meditating, it's easy to get caught up with thoughts around whether or not you are doing it correctly.  Keep in mind: it's just like working out; the more you do it, the stronger, faster, and better you get!

1. Be kind to yourself.
Show yourself a little self-love and compassion. Remember, even The Dali Lama had to start somewhere!

2. Headphones.
For optimal sound and experience, we recommend you use stereo headphones. Don’t worry if you don’t have them, this is simply a recommendation to get the most from these high res sound files. You can still have a moving experience with earbuds.

3. Get comfortable.
Choose a comfortable space where you feel safe and calm. Choose a time of day you feel you will not be interrupted. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to relax into the experience.

For 30 minute sessions, it is recommended that you find a comfortable place to lay down. An eye mask may be helpful to block out light and help  you to keep your eyes closed.

For 10 and 2 minute sessions, you may lay down or sit up. If you are sitting up, it is recommended that you sit with a straight spine.

4. Set an intention
Setting an intention for your sound healing session helps to elevate the mind chatter, and help you to be present to your experience.
(read more on Setting intentions by reading 3 Main Purposes for Setting an Intention)

5. Ting Shaws ON or OFF?
+ Ting Shaws ON is an indicator that the sound healing track has completed. You will hear three chimes at the end of the track to help bring you out of the experience.

+Ting Shaws OFF is a version of the same tracks without an indicator at the end. This will allow you to stay in the meditative state or support you in going into sleep.

6. Allow time for integration.
Bring your awareness to the sensations you are feeling in your body. You may not feel anything. Simply become a witness to what you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Most importantly, drink a lot of water.