Hey Soundembracers! Oh my gosh! Happy New Year!

There’s nothing like the turn of a year to give renewed hope and inspiration to do better, or simply BE better.

I am not much for new years resolutions… It was about 3 years ago when I decided for myself that I didn’t need to wait for a New Year reassess my life situations and create change. Change can be made at any given moment in any given day! I just have to be willing to see it. To do it!

What I do LOVE about the New Year, is that it reminds me to take a moment to reflect on everything I have accomplished. It doesn’t matter whether it is personally or in business.   Acknowledging how far I have come… or the fact that I achieved goals I set out on… and the journey of it all! The people! Acknowledging your achievements will reinforce the energetic vibration of your life force energy (the natural electricity within the body) to work in your favor of new goals. It helps to ground you subconsciously so you have the natural confidence in pursuing and achieving whatever you can imagine!

I want to hear FROM YOU!  Post something you have achieved in 2015! Give yourself KUDDOS! And allow all of us to recognize and celebrate with you!  It doesn't matter how big or small!

xo, Danielle