2015 was a beast! It was a year of up rooting.  It was a year sadness.  It was a year of opportunity.  It was a year of massive personal and business growth.  I am still feeling a little light headed from it all!

I have become a bit of a gypsy, in the sense I do not actually have a home residence.  Expanding my business to Atlanta sounds exciting, but it is a lot work, and using a lot of resources.  You can expect to see posts of me couch surfing,  traveling back and forth from Atlanta and San Francisco, along with all of the classes and events we will be putting on.

And I say WE, because Soundembrace has partnered up with some incredible people on a mission!  I will introduce these partners in another post so you can meet the team.  Onward to 2016!  I can't thank you enough for your support and your dedication to your own personal growth and wellbeing.  Worldwide change starts with the inner work you do for yourself.

You are a change maker.  A soundembracer.  A catalyst for change.