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Danielle Hall - Founder SoundEmbrace/Sound Practitioner
IG: @SoundEmbraceHealth

Danielle Hall has created a movement for inner awareness and empowerment through sound experiences.  As a sound practitioner, wellness coach, and activist she is making waves in the conversation around mental health, shifting perspectives around empowerment, and leading a team of educated sound practitioners to elevate the sound healing industry.

Through her sound healing practice, Danielle has worked with adults and children transitioning through various traumas including PTSD, depression, sexual abuse, digestive issues, and physical pain, using specific sound tools and techniques to facilitate shifts in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.  


The Love and Light Institute


Shana Nunnelly - Sound Practitioner
IG: @shananunnelly

Connection is what I crave and find the most joy in as a human (besides dancing at 2a.m in my living room). I have had deep connections with my clients as a hair stylist for over 20 years and in recent years sought ways that would empower them to seek or deepen their connection with wholeness.

In my search, I found my long-term practice of divination through tarot, newer practices of meditation and sound baths to offer my clients a satisfying connection with the peace, truth, and wisdom many crave.

Being able to provide a space and place for people to forge deeper, more meaningful connections with themselves is my life’s work. It would be my privilege to serve as your conduit to connection.


Christopher Wood - Sound Practitioner
IG: @crswd

Christopher Wood combines a practice in Taoist meditation with a study in applied neuroscience — with an ability to empathically create a soundscape using precious crystal bowls and Tibetan brass bowls as well as recordings of natural soundscapes with microphones configured to capture sound in 360 degrees, he helps the physical and the etheric body become a resilient and tuned. The brain, a.k.a. the radio tuner, gets some much-needed restful peace in this time with minimal work.

Christopher’s work around neuroscience combines visible behavioral  patterns with those only able to be seen with a sensitive instrument called an EEG. He is also available for one-on-one meditative development sessions where its revealed through the use of EEG the student’s increasing ability to modify their brain waves to those that reveal calm and a sense of inner peace even greater intuition. Through this practice a greater amount of consideration and gratitude grows in the individual as well as a byproduct. Mindfulness takes on a more comprehensive meaning and application in one’s life.


Mara Anthony - Sound Practitioner
IG: @

Mara was introduced to sound healing several years ago after attending a sound bath led by Jonathan Adams (Sonic Yogi).  Shortly after, she and Jonathan began leading sound healing and qigong workshops together.  This led Mara to Malibu, CA, where she continued her exploration of sound by attending Sifu Matthew Cohen's 200-hour yoga/qigong instructor training.  During that time, she immersed herself in learning the healing benefits of sound, through traditional instruments such as crystal bowls, tuning forks, and gongs. 

Drawing upon her experience in Malibu, Mara returned home to Atlanta, GA, where she witnessed first-hand the restorative effects of sound healing.  Mara’s mother, battling a terminal illness, was experiencing profound levels of anxiety and fear.  The combination of crystal bowls, tuning forks, and the penetrating sounds of the gong helped her mother to relax, get much deeper sleep, and release much of the fear she was experiencing around death and dying.  Mara even had the honor of playing for her mother during her final hours.  Since her mother’s passing, Mara now plays for numerous yoga classes and private sessions, in memory of her beautiful mother, Rosie.  

Mara is a certified Reiki Master and Medical Qigong Practitioner who loves to incorporate essential oils and crystals in her sound healing sessions.  She graduated from the University of Georgia with a double major in Spanish and Italian.  In her free time, she travels the globe, attends healing retreats and sacred places, and enjoys life’s little pleasures in Atlanta with friends and family. 


Angelica Gurel - Sound Practitioner
IG : angelik240

Sound healing has changed my life. It has helped me to connect to my higher self and to the Universe. It has shown me that everything in the Universe has a vibration, including my physical body. Ive come to learn that every time I elevate my vibration through sound, I also help others to elevate theirs as well. Which makes us all part of a higher universal consciousness. Sound healing has the ability to unite us, and to help us shift on a much bigger level. That is what I love most about this practice.


Jamie Butler

Jamie is a translator, conveying words, emotions and gestures of spirit. "I stay neutral and detached in my readings and am able to translate with respect and tolerance, regardless of the topic.”  Take the time to explore the questions you would like to ask your loved ones and guides prior to your reading. To know more about Jamie and her sessions go to Jamie is an author, teacher, mother and world renown medium. She has been giving readings for over 28 years.


I am Maestro Riko Presents 808s & Meditate
IG: @Maestro Riko

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The Sanctuary
IG: @drcrystaljones

With over fifteen years of immersion in the healthcare and wellness industries, Dr. Crystal Jones pioneers the conversation around communication as is relates to healing. From conferences to college classrooms and alternative healing schools around the globe, her language opens the conversation for people to take responsibility for their narratives. Her work focuses on the subtleties of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and delegation of power. As a teacher and speaker, she continues to span the globe leading conversations that disrupt the current narrative of brokenness within healthcare, wellness and religion in a way that elevates the integrity of healing. As a spiritual director, she supports companies in the area of sustainable expansion. 

Dr. Crystal Jones
There is but one truth. You are whole perfect and complete.  Stay curious, it is already to you as you believe.”


The Clique Box Photo Booth Co
+ Paul McPherson Photography +
IG: @thecliquebox + @paulmcphersonjr

Our booth is designed to be fully automated and very interactive. Start your session with just one tap and follow the on-screen prompts for maximum fun. With the perfect amount of modern aesthetics, our booth fits into any theme you can throw our way. From rustic to elegant, The Clique Box is the perfect addition to your entertainment lineup.

Paul D. McPherson, Jr.
lives and works in Atlanta, GA. He has a BS from Fayetteville State Univ and a BFA from The Art Institute of Atlanta. Recent projects include being a featured artist at LxVE Fest 2017, participated in the Pancakes and Booze Art Tour, and has traveled to Cuba and Hawaii to photograph for various clientele. Paul is currently seeking representation.

"My photography style is simple, I seek to capture the natural beauty in my subjects/clients, through my fine art portraits and nudes."


IG: @kea.atl

Kea Beverages produces creative and high-quality beverages while working with local farmers, chefs, and small businesses. Our mission is to support the community that supports us while maintaining a small carbon footprint. Our bike-cart concept on the BeltLine is always, “pay what you want,” and it’s equipped with our nitro cold brew coffee, two rotating cold-pressed juices, and one artisanal lemonade. We also collaborate with organizations and like-minded companies for private events and we sell our retail products in recyclable glass bottles.


Designer Carpets

Designer Carpets opened at Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in 1977. Our 8,000 square foot showroom offers an exceptional selection of unique and exclusive products.

As a leading supplier to the design community we carry hand-crafted Tibetans, Ushaks, the finest Antique Reproductions, beautiful Flatweaves, classic Soumacs and many one-of-a-kind pieces. We specialize in custom orders to create the perfect size and color for any space.

We also represent an extensive collection of domestic and imported broadloom wall-to-wall carpets in a wide variety of materials: wool, silk, viscose, nylon, jute, sisal, abaca, linen and polypropylene. All carpets are available in custom sized area rugs, as well.


Designer Carpets takes pride in gracefully handling client/designer relationships and separating ourselves from the general market. Our clients continue to inspire us with the color and the designs we carry. We look forward to working with you on your next design project.


Artistica Flowers

IG: @artistica_flowers

Artistica Flowers is a floral and event design studio in Atlanta. We specialize in transforming spaces to create memorable high end experiences for you and your guests! We pride ourselves in our ability to truly understand you and your vision from idea to finished product. Book a free email consultation by Feb 1st and receive 15% off your total order when you mention the code EPIC in your email.