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Yoga with Larry
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$5 off 7 day Online Yoga Immersion
Launching January 2019!
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Life moves and flows all around us, everyday. When we move to fast, we can allow our inner critic to discourage us or we can try to do something different. Reconnecting with the body, flowing with nature’s rhythmic balance can help us create habits that are sustainable. This practice will help you develop a routine that will manifest balance and allow you to recognize your worthiness.

The 7 Day Yoga Immersion is a intermediate yoga course that combines several styles of yoga that facilitate balance and stability. Classes are 30-50 minutes in length to create the right conditions for yogis with busy schedules. Yoga styles such as Power Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin are all included in this practice that will help you begin and maintain a journey of self care.

The best way to get to where we are going, is to feel great along the way. These unique yoga sequences and habits you develop- for discovering balance, connection, and self worth- reveals your ability to create and sustain the life you want and how you can share that with others.

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MOON Organics
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$5 off Organic skincare and personal care.

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MOON stands for Made Out Of Nature and that’s just what you will get when you purchase any MOON product.  

Owner Susan Gonzalez is a cancer survivor, nurse, and skin therapist who has been providing customers with clean, healthy and powerful skincare and personal care products since 2012.  MOON uses organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced and all products are tested for efficacy by the MOON Organics test team across the country.  Susan also offers skincare services. Please contact Susan for more info!


The Sanctuary
IG: @drcrystaljones

60 minute dive into wholeness. presencing, affirmative voice alchemy through consciousness shift.

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With over fifteen years of immersion in the healthcare and wellness industries, Dr. Crystal Jones pioneers the conversation around communication as is relates to healing. From conferences to college classrooms and alternative healing schools around the globe, her language opens the conversation for people to take responsibility for their narratives. Her work focuses on the subtleties of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and delegation of power. As a teacher and speaker, she continues to span the globe leading conversations that disrupt the current narrative of brokenness within healthcare, wellness and religion in a way that elevates the integrity of healing. As a spiritual director, she supports companies in the area of sustainable expansion. 

Dr. Crystal Jones
There is but one truth. You are whole perfect and complete.  Stay curious, it is already to you as you believe.”


Wellness with Joanna
IG: @wellnesswithjo

Foot Reflexology is a unique, scientific method of targeting and applying compression to various reflex points in the feet that correspond to different glands, organs and parts of the body. This method stimulates over 7,200 nerve endings in one’s feet to promote circulation of the blood, strengthen the nervous system, increase energetic awareness throughout the chakras and promotes homeostasis throughout the entire body and mind. This holistic blend of benefits applies to everyone and is an excellent wellness tool to add to your self care-kit!


Meditation Session w/ NeuroFeedback

IG: @crswd

$25% off a private meditation session with meditation instructor Christopher Wood utilizing an EEG headset which measures your brain waves as you move into meditative state. You’ll be able to track your progress lowering your peaking beta waves, a true indicator of high stress.

Christopher’s meditation techniques based in Taoist principles also apply neuroscience to give you a deeper understanding of your personal relationship with your tendencies and habits. Over multiple sessions you’ll be able to see how much more quickly and steadily you move into a measurable meditative state which can lead to lower blood pressure, increased ability to make sound decisions and operate from your intuitive mind.

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Full Compass Massage

Text code $15 OFF to (423)939-9645 for one hour massage

Ian Williams is a massage therapist from Atlanta. He studied at the Atlanta School of Massage. Where he learns many skills and techniques. He wants to teach people that massage is more than just relaxation but in fact one of the most important forms of wellness one can achieve. He believes the best form of healing is an affirmation of his clients. Letting them know they are in a place for meditative health.


Artistica Flowers

IG: @artistica_flowers

Artistica Flowers is a floral and event design studio in Atlanta. We specialize in transforming spaces to create memorable high end experiences for you and your guests! We pride ourselves in our ability to truly understand you and your vision from idea to finished product.

Book a free email consultation by Feb 1st and receive 15% off your total order when you mention the code EPIC in your email.


The Earthy Stone

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$5 off any purchase
Code: SoundHeal

Crystal and earth stone bracelets.