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Santosha Studio
IG: @santoshastudio

Auction Description:
Thai Bodywork (one hour) - Based on Traditional Thai Massage, sessions are performed on a floor mat with clients in comfortable clothing. The body is moved through a sequence of compression and stretching to stimulate vitality and promote physical and psychosomatic healing. Most find the practice deeply relaxing and beneficial for improved sleep, mobility and general well-being.

Santosha is a specialty studio dedicated to personal discovery. We offer a private, healing environment for yoga therapy, Thai bodywork, yoga events, sound healing, continuing education, yoga teacher training and customized group events.


The JGF Collective

Auction Description:
11x14 acrylic on wooden panel finished w/epoxy resin Signed by Jill Ford

I am interested in art that makes you feel and see the light in this dark world. I believe in the power of breath and energy exchange in its ability to heal. In life, we all have our own process. We have our own process in how we love, how we grieve, how we live. My process when I create my art comes from breath and healing. I meditate to center myself and channel my energy before pouring it onto the canvas: both literally and figuratively. I combine my love of yoga and breath work while painting and use only my breath to move the paint instead of traditional paintbrushes.

I call this technique Prana Painting; my work has healing frequencies infused because of the sheer power of intention pouring out through my breath.

The frequency of the intention I hold while painting is carried vibrationally through my breath onto the canvas making the pieces visually stimulating, bringing a unique energy to each piece. The medium is diluted acrylic on wood panels. I paint with water and earth gathered from places that are really special to people. I speak an intention set by the client into the water before using it in the painting. I hold space for the client while painting. After meditating, I begin by putting several layers of paint, creating depth and different textures within each piece. I finish each piece with an epoxy resin protective coating then hand cure them with fire. Once the resin dries, I embellish each piece with pointillism while holding an intention set for the client and piece. Love, breath and peace is drawn in and exhaled into each and every piece of art.


Energetic Therapies, LLC
IG: @energetictherapies

Auction Description:
1hr Reiki session $100 value

At Energetic Therapies I help you relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your body, mind and Spirit! I use energy healing techniques such as reiki and chakra balancing to relieve stress and pain and promote mental clarity and emotional balance- which all leads to increased happiness!


IG: @QuietSeeds

Auction Description:
Custom Seed. $250 value. // HOW MADE:  Your angels and guides will show up en masse to direct cards, feathers, gemstone, and other symbols—each with a message to infuse meaning into your Quiet Seed. // WHAT YOU GET: A picture of the altar with explanations of what items mean and what messages I received from your guides and angels + your very own Quiet Seed!


Anahata Massage Arts
IG: @possumdiva

Auction Description:
3 one-hour massages

I am a neuromuscular therapist, specializing in cranio-sacral, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Energy work and sound therapy. I also offer tea/tarot card reading sessions, as well as personalized yoga and Thai massage sessions.


Atlanta Private Yoga
IG: @atlantaprivateyoga

Auction Description:
I will donate 2 private 1-hour yoga sessions eligible for an individual or small group. The value of each is $99.


A Joyful Medium

IG: @AJoyfulMedium

Auction Description:
Portrait Photography- Brides, Families, Children and Newborn photos.
One hour Spring session (unless a newborn shoot can be negotiated), and (2) 8x10 prints of their choice


Summers Wellness
IG @SummersWellness

Auction Description:
FREE 60 Minute Personal Aromatherapy Health Consultation ($99 Value) Based upon the results of this consultation, an essential oil protocol will be suggested along with the oils to begin the process of regaining control over the emotional or physical concerns presented. Aromatherapy has an immediate impact on the well-being of the mind. The aromatic compounds of an essential oil have the ability to positively impact your emotional state, purify the environment, and set the mood in any room. At Summers Wellness, we focus on safety, effectiveness, and support- we want you to know what you are using, why you are using them, and how to use them SAFELY!

Summers Wellness is the husband and wife team of Evan & Jennifer Summers. We are Holistic Aromatherapists, focused on helping to support your body’s natural ability to heal itself through natural means. After far too many years struggling with chronic pain and illness, we decided it was time to seek healthier options. It was during this change that we discovered doTERRA essential oils. In less than one year of consistent, guided use, our lives were completely changed for the better and now we are on a mission to share our experience and help you achieve similar results for yourself and your family. It is our desire to empower you to become “The healer in your home” and that is why we begin every consultation with the same question, “What the HEALTH is wrong with you?


Highland Yoga
IG: @highlandyoga

Auction Description
Gift Certificate value $30

Atlanta's home for heated power vinyasa. Three convenient studio locations -- Grant Park, Virginia Highlands, and Buckhead.


The Earthy Stone
IG: @theearthystone

Auction Description:

Set/stack of four bracelets - crystal and earth stone bracelets.

$50 value


Lululemon Athletica
IG: @lululemon

Lululemon is a self-described yoga-inspired athletic apparel company for women and men.

Auction Description:

The Reversible Mat 5mm:
We designed this mat with a little extra cushion for your hips and knees during floor poses.

No Limits Stretching Strap:
A stretching strap designed to give you the extra length and support you need in deep stretches and binds.

Plywood People
IG: @plywoodpeople

Plywood People is a non-profit in Atlanta that leads a community of start-ups doing good.

Funded by our events and donors, we are able to provide social entrepreneurs, creatives and non-profit leaders with content, curriculum and community as they launch and sustain.

Auction Description:

2 tickets to Plywood Presents

Plywood Presents is the annual gathering of Plywood People where creatives, leaders, changemakers come together to learn, connect and be inspired in their work for social good. Past event speakers include founders of organizations like charity:water, Warby Parker, Kinfolk Magazine and more! If you're looking for a community to spur your creativity and for the space to think outside of the box, Plywood Presents is for you! 

The dates are 7/31-8/1. 
Location TBD. 
Ticket value: $600


Elevator Factory
IG: @elevatorfactory

Auction Description:

Time & Space. Something we all could use. Included are a 2 month, Part-time membership or a 1 month, Full-time membership… AND a day-pass pack (5 pack) Value $250 - We often make the suggestion to reclaim the home from the home/office. Our environment is described best as a vibrant library feel. The amount of productivity and smiles generated at Elevator Factory is easily measurable. Complete with coffee from Revelator and healthy snacks, this two-month membership gives you access to our open and airy workspace with super fast wifi and printing included.

Elevator Factory is a cowork space, team space and event space located in Grant Park. We are dedicated to the wellness of the individual. We have dedicated spaces accessible 24 hours/day or open space memberships that function as a monthly membership. Day-passes and conference room bookings are available as well whether you’re a remote worker or just need a little time & space. Don’t we all need a little more time & space?


Jamie Butler

1hour mediumship session worth $680
*sessions take place on the phone

Jamie is a translator, conveying words, emotions and gestures of spirit. "I stay neutral and detached in my readings and am able to translate with respect and tolerance, regardless of the topic.”  Take the time to explore the questions you would like to ask your loved ones and guides prior to your reading. To know more about Jamie and her sessions go to Jamie is an author, teacher, mother and world renown medium. She has been giving readings for over 28 years.


Corrective Chiropractor
IG: @the.corrective.chiropractic

Exam and Consultation including:

1. Complete set of digital x-rays,
2. Nerve and muscle scans,
3. Posture assessment,
4. and Orthopedic and Neurological tests

As well as 30 minute massage.