Give Back Initiative

We often feel the problems of the world are too big for us that we forget
 supporting our neighbors can have an immense impact on
positive change in the world we want to live in.

SoundEmbrace creates job opportunites for Sound Healing Practitioners to work with
non-profit organizations working in mental health and wellness in our Atlanta community;
relieving stress, reducing pain, inspiring hope, creating jobs,
and elevating the field of Sound Healing Therapy.


Your donations have helped us bring sound healing therapy into the
organizations of Kate’s Club and Chris180.

For a tax deduction donation supporting this effort click on the link below.
The Love and Light Institute is our non- profit partner.
When you log in to your paypal account, add the note “Sound Healing”.
They will know where to allocate the donation.

Past Fundraiser:

Planetary Sound Immersion

Fernbank Science Center Planetarium
Wednesday, December 19th 2018
Doors open ay 6:30pm

Imagine sitting comfortably in reclined seats while you are immersed in heavenly sounds that entrain you to a higher state of consciousness. You have the choice to keep your eyes open while taking a visual journey with sound, touring through space; or choose to relax into the sound with eye masks provided for you as a gift!

Afterwards, enjoy touring the exhibits, chatting it up with our sponsors and vendors, and taking photos at our backdrop. You will leave with a THANK YOU gift bag and a feeling of peace within your mind, body, and spirit!

Organizations Currently Working With:

Kate’s Club

Kate’s Club is an organization that supports children going through the grieving process of a loved one. Their programing runs twice a month with 3 groups each day. SoundEmbrace will become a part of their program starting in January. SoundEmbrace will hire 1 sound practitioner to support the wellbeing of these children in the program.  


Chris180 saves, serves, and protects children, young adults, and families who have experienced trauma to help them change the direction of their lives. CHRIS 180’s award-winning leadership and programs have transformed more than 60,000 lives and are an acknowledged pioneer among mental health, child advocacy, and family welfare providers. In 2019, SoundEmbrace will hire 1 sound practitioner to support the wellbeing of volunteers, therapist, and staff who work in their program. 

Meet the Contributors!

Video Interview 1: Angelica Gurel
IG : angelik240

Sound healing has changed my life.

It has helped me to connect to my higher self and to the Universe. It has shown me that everything in the Universe has a vibration, including my physical body. Ive come to learn that every time I elevate my vibration through sound, I also help others to elevate theirs as well. Which makes us all part of a higher universal consciousness.

Sound healing has the ability to unite us, and to help us shift on a much bigger level. That is what I love most about this practice.

Video Interview 2: Shana Nunnelly
IG: @shananunnelly

Connection is what I crave and find the most joy in as a human (besides dancing at 2a.m in my living room). I have had deep connections with my clients as a hair stylist for over 20 years and in recent years sought ways that would empower them to seek or deepen their connection with wholeness.

In my search, I found my long-term practice of divination through tarot, newer practices of meditation and sound baths to offer my clients a satisfying connection with the peace, truth, and wisdom many crave.

Being able to provide a space and place for people to forge deeper, more meaningful connections with themselves is my life’s work. It would be my privilege to serve as your conduit to connection.

Video Interview 3 - (2 Parts): Jill Ford

Jill Ford

I am interested in art that makes you feel and see the light in this dark world. I believe in the power of breath and energy exchange in its ability to heal. In life, we all have our own process. We have our own process in how we love, how we grieve, how we live. My process when I create my art comes from breath and healing. I meditate to center myself and channel my energy before pouring it onto the canvas: both literally and figuratively. I combine my love of yoga and breath work while painting and use only my breath to move the paint instead of traditional paintbrushes.

I call this technique Prana Painting; my work has healing frequencies infused because of the sheer power of intention pouring out through my breath.

The frequency of the intention I hold while painting is carried vibrationally through my breath onto the canvas making the pieces visually stimulating, bringing a unique energy to each piece. The medium is diluted acrylic on wood panels. I paint with water and earth gathered from places that are really special to people. I speak an intention set by the client into the water before using it in the painting. I hold space for the client while painting. After meditating, I begin by putting several layers of paint, creating depth and different textures within each piece. I finish each piece with an epoxy resin protective coating then hand cure them with fire. Once the resin dries, I embellish each piece with pointillism while holding an intention set for the client and piece. Love, breath and peace is drawn in and exhaled into each and every piece of art.

Video Interview 5 : Riko Morrissette

I am Maestro Riko Presents 808s & Meditate

IG: @Maestro Riko

Video Interview 4 : Crystal Jones
IG: @drcrystaljones

With over fifteen years of immersion in the healthcare and wellness industries, Dr. Crystal Jones pioneers the conversation around communication as is relates to healing. From conferences to college classrooms and alternative healing schools around the globe, her language opens the conversation for people to take responsibility for their narratives. Her work focuses on the subtleties of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and delegation of power. As a teacher and speaker, she continues to span the globe leading conversations that disrupt the current narrative of brokenness within healthcare, wellness and religion in a way that elevates the integrity of healing. As a spiritual director, she supports companies in the area of sustainable expansion. 

Dr. Crystal Jones
There is but one truth. You are whole perfect and complete.  Stay curious, it is already to you as you believe.”

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Video Interview 7 : Evan + Jen Summers

Aromatherapy has an immediate impact on the well-being of the mind. The aromatic compounds of an essential oil have the ability to positively impact your emotional state, purify the environment, and set the mood in any room. At Summers Wellness, we focus on safety, effectiveness, and support- we want you to know what you are using, why you are using them, and how to use them SAFELY!

Video Interview 6 : Lara Stewart
IG: @yoga_with_larry

Life moves and flows all around us, everyday. When we move to fast, we can allow our inner critic to discourage us or we can try to do something different. Reconnecting with the body, flowing with nature’s rhythmic balance can help us create habits that are sustainable. This practice will help you develop a routine that will manifest balance and allow you to recognize your worthiness.

The 7 Day Yoga Immersion is a intermediate yoga course that combines several styles of yoga that facilitate balance and stability. Classes are 30-50 minutes in length to create the right conditions for yogis with busy schedules. Yoga styles such as Power Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin are all included in this practice that will help you begin and maintain a journey of self care.

The best way to get to where we are going, is to feel great along the way. These unique yoga sequences and habits you develop- for discovering balance, connection, and self worth- reveals your ability to create and sustain the life you want and how you can share that with others.