Hi! My name is Danielle Hall, Founder of SoundEmbrace.

My journey into the therapeutic benefits of sound and vibration started when I was very young. Playing alto saxophone and singing in choir were a place of refuge for me growing up as I experienced on again, off again health challenges.

When I was 28 years old, I became “not my normal sick”. I began loosing my hair, the enamel on my teeth become soft, I was experiencing chronic migraines, developed lumps in my breast, and chronic constipation, and skin issues.

At one point, my doctor said to me, “ Well, Ms Hall, if we don’t find out whats going on with you, you’re going down a dark road.”

This was the catalyst for me to become open to alternative therapies and begin my journey to recovery. This recovery gave me a second chance at life and inspired me to evolve out of my 10 year career in Photography, to begin supporting others in their health and wellness journey.

SoundEmbrace is a movement to empower oneself to live the life you love!


Our mission at SoundEmbrace is to bring awareness, make accessible, and elevate the sound healing industry through technology, education platforms, job opportunities, and research in the field of sound healing as a non invasive tool for health and wellness, and empowerment.

How we do this:
Music heals and transforms lives.

Through sound and vibration, SoundEmbrace aims to shift your perspective around your health and wellness so that you may empower yourself to live a life you love.

We work with individuals, public group sessions, events, corporate wellness programs, therapy centers, and doctors to create job opportunites for Sound Healing Practitioners, as well as raise awareness of the power of sound as a non invasive therapy.

SoundEmbrace also provides sound healing classes and workshops to educate sound healing practitioners, is developing a Sound Healing App to make sound healing accessible in towns and cities that may not have access to in person sessions, and is working with a research group on the affects of sound and vibration as a non invasive therapy.

Professional Bio

Danielle Hall has created a movement for inner awareness and empowerment through sound experiences. 

As a Sound Practitioner, Sound Healing Teacher, Wellness Coach, and Reiki Master, Danielle is shifting perspectives around empowerment while leading a team of trained sound practitioners to elevate the sound healing industry, while serving the mental health and wellness of our communities.

With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Danielle has worked with adults and children transitioning through various traumas including PTSD, depression, sexual abuse, digestive issues, and physical pain, using specific sound tools and techniques to facilitate shifts in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

She creates job opportunites for SoundEmbrace Sound Healing Practitioners in corporate wellness programs, therapy centers, and non profits. She has her BA in Metaphysical Science, Certification in Sound Healing Therapy, Reiki Master Certification, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, and is a member of the American Public Health Association, the Georgia Health Association, and is an Associate Member of the Recording Academy.

"You have a choice when it comes to your health and wellbeing.  Sound is a powerful tool that can lead to the awareness of your subconscious thoughts.  This awareness allows you to choose to empower yourself to change the trajectory of your life."  -Danielle Hall