Gratitude from happy clients.

Before meeting Danielle I had never heard of a sound bath, and now I’m obsessed. It feels hard to explain one until you’ve experienced it, but I would describe it some sort of magical combination between the best meditation session, nap and orgasm you’ve ever had. It’s a full body, transcendent experience and release like nothing else I’ve experienced. Things that I didn’t even know were blocked and stuck in my body started shifting and releasing and I felt so much freer afterwards. Danielle is amazing and her passion, talent and wisdom make this experience so special.
— Julia W.

My session with Danielle was nothing short of amazing. The insights we both received during the session were profound and Danielle really took the time to make sure that I felt grounded and complete before we finished. I will definitely be booking another session the next time I’m in San Francisco! Thank you
— Abby M.

I tried a session with Danielle not knowing what to expect and am so glad I did! It was SO relaxing, and my tight shoulders and back really needed that kind of deep release. I’m an active person – I run, dance, and do lots of yoga – but sometimes my muscles are so tight that I hold back because I’m afraid I’ll overdo it and strain myself. I know my tension comes mostly from stress and too much time in front of my computer, so giving myself the time to relax so deeply (I felt like I dropped into another world inside of myself for a while) was exactly what I needed to go back out into my week and ride the waves without getting overwhelmed. Not only had my body let go, but my mind felt way more at ease, grounded, and flexible too. Amazing medicine. Thank you, Danielle!
— Alex M

I had a fantastic session with Danielle! She created a space that allowed me to actively participate in my own healing. During the session she asked me to make a sound of healing and it was so empowering to think that I could use my own voice to help heal my body. She also led me through a guided imagery exercise that helped me to better understand my physical challenges as well as helping me be able to visualize love so I could send it to my body. As I was listening to the sounds I could actually feel them vibrating in my body and calming me down. After the session was over I felt super relaxed and more in tune with my body. I am super grateful for my healing experience working with Danielle. She creates a sacred space where healing naturally takes place.
— Jayna D.

Both as a participant of Danielle’s Sound Bath, and of her individual sessions, I have to say that everything from her bedside manner (it’s almost a pun) to her techniques and the effectiveness of the sessions is fantastic. I’m solidly a fan of what she does, and excited to be able to benefit from the skills she has. Her awareness, and realism combined with fantastic enthusiasm make for enriching discussions and sessions leading to discovery, acceptance, and what feels like genuine growth.

As someone who has experienced a great deal of their life fighting illness, constant nutritional challenges, and wondering if I was supposed to be sick all the time, it has been great to be able to learn from her own experiences in this regard.

If you respond well to energy and sound work, she expresses and practices fantastically in both, in an almost effortless way, I definitely recommend her.
— Dave E.

I didn’t know much about sound therapy when I began SoundEmbrace sessions with Danielle. I had been dealing with autonomic dysfunction and peripheral neuropathy for several months. I found Danielle’s mix of methodologies to be really relaxing and impactful. Our sessions would start with my feet placed on a Cyma machine that would send sound frequencies up through my feet for the duration of the session. Danielle would then open the session with a blessing or chant and begin playing the crystal bowl. The crystal bowl is an amazing instrument. It is very penetrative and put me into a theta brain wave state very quickly. For the second half of the session, Danielle would stop playing the crystal bowl and give me a reiki treatment. I found this to be really powerful as well. Over the course of a few weeks of treatment, the began having normal sensation return to my feet (I hadn’t been able to feel them for two months). I found the sessions to be very meditative and through that meditation, I was able to dissolve a lot of anger I was holding toward certain doctors that dismissed my symptoms. In the weeks to follow, I received a genetic diagnosis and am now undergoing physical rehabilitation. I am very grateful to Danielle for helping me cope with a very difficult time of uncertainty. After every session I felt relaxed and rejuvenated, as if waking from a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend Danielle’s unique method of sound healing for anyone struggling with a health or emotional issue.
— Robynne W.

Therapeutic, rejuvenating, thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience much like I would a deep tissue massage if it were done oscillating sounds.
— Tony S.

I just want to say thank you to Danielle for introducing me to this alternative form of healing. I live an active lifestyle, so I have accumulated wear and tear on my knees over time.

Most recently, I had a minor tear in my meniscus. My options were knee arthroscopy (2 week healing time) or rest and relaxation (2-3 months). I will only consider surgery as LAST and ONLY option. So, I opted to rest and let it heal. After talking with Danielle, she mentioned her sound therapy technique and how it can accelerate healing times.

I used the sound therapy program 1-3 times per day for about 3.5 weeks. There were no noticeable differences until the 3rd week. I had better movement and my knee was no longer locking on me. I was back in the gym going about 70% capacity of my limits shortly thereafter. The sound therapy has allowed my nagging injury to heal quicker so I can get back to the gym sooner.

If you are receiving another form of treatment, sound therapy can be a great compliment to expedite your recovery. Although, not at 100%, I was back in the gym less than 5 weeks after my injury. I strongly recommend this program! Thanks Dani!
— Greg K.

“I am 64 years old, and had been in daily pain since my motorcycle accident in 1976. (… I had a broken neck, I believe C5, as well as other injuries and nerve damage… Spent 1 year in a “circle bed”, another 6 months in Crutchfield Tongs, then a 4 poster collar for 4 months, on to re-hab for 3 months where I learned to walk again.) After the awful experience with my recovery, I was DONE with doctors and did not attend my physical therapy sessions.

I sought help (38 years later!) because I had been living in pain since the accident. The pain had become more and more difficult to manage. I was so amazed at how I felt after just 1 session with Danielle I continued sessions almost every week for a year. In that year, I had 3-4 in person sessions a month while also playing the daily take home program on my legs. I am now living pain free! No more restless leg syndrome, I have feeling back in my feet (!), and I sleep better than ever before. I am so glad I gave sound therapy a try. I highly recommend it!”
— Charley H.

I was blessed to be a part of the “sound bath” that Danielle facilitated at a recent WOW event. During the experience, I found myself deeply relaxed and then taken into an altered state of consciousness. I saw images and received insights, but most importantly felt completely safe and surrounded by love. It felt as if many energies that were not serving me were stirred up and released. A lot of the negativity came out as a head cold which moved through in a couple of days. When I came out the other side I felt light, joyful and like I was vibrating at the “right” frequency.
— Bethany M.

Dearest Danielle, Thank you for a truly beautiful experience this past Thursday. It was deeply nourishing and I felt a level of peace and true relaxation like never before. Really grateful for you and your band of healers.
— Megan R.

Danielle has been my guide in adventures through sound, helping me to lead to full health both physically and mentally. I am still on my journey to full health, but after one session I became more aware and in tune with my thought patterns that were causing stress – which my body was physically reacting to.

In the session, she carefully listened to my words and described her suggested treatment with details of what it would entail. My treatment happened to be a combination of binaural beats to reach theta brain waves for relaxation while Danielle used reiki techniques and crystals to release any blocked energy. We ended the session by discussing my experiences and her observations, and she sent me home with some tips and mental exercises to think about. While new to healing sessions, her calmness and clear explanation took away any anxiety I may have had with a new experience.

I have been able to sleep deeper as an immediate result to the session. She has followed up with me to see how my healing process has been. I feel a good amount of progress just from my first session, and can’t wait to return to keep the healing process moving forward. Thanks, Danielle!
— Mari I.

Through working with Danielle with SoundEmbrace I have gained tremendous health improvement in a very short time. I am continually learning and expanding my knowledge of the many methods available to eliminate painful and uncomfortable digestive problems as well as I have tried any number of ways to obtain greater clarity and concentration in my personal and work life. Daily fatigue has increased over the past several years and my energy level has reduced greatly as a result of health issues. These sessions with Danielle have provided the greatest results of anything I have tried or the numerous professionals I have worked with towards eliminating the pain and discomfort from poor digestion. After only three visits I noticed a huge difference and after two weeks using the take home program I have more energy, virtually little to no pain or discomfort with digestion and have become clearer in my thinking thus able to successfully reduce stress and “cloudy thinking.” It is with confidence I recommend this method of healing and more specifically recommend working with Danielle. It is obvious to me that she has chosen a career well suited to her… and there is no doubt she will change the lives of many people.
— Sharon K.

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