11x14 - JFORD X SoundEmbrace IV

JFORD X SoundEmbrace IV.jpg
JFORD X SoundEmbrace IV.jpg

11x14 - JFORD X SoundEmbrace IV


Limited addition 11x14 Print.
JFORD X SoundEmbrace Full Moon Rain Water Sound Bath Series: II

Unique collaboration with Danielle Hall of SoundEmbrace. Painted during a sound bath using full moon rainwater.

11x14 print made from Original 11x14 acrylic painting on wooden panel finished w/epoxy resin.

Limited addition prints (11 total reproduction) for fundraising.  Profit will go towards hiring sound practitioners to support mental health and wellness organizations Chris180 and Kate’s Club.


·       Please note that there has been slight cropping of original artwork for reproduction purposes.

·       All giclée reproduction prints are printed on fine matte, acid free paper.

·       Each giclée has a half inch border around the edge of the image for signature and framing.

·       All orders will be processed starting January 7th, 2019 with 7 day print production, Artist Signature, and then shipping.

·       Shipping is included for orders sent within the United States. All other orders may incur extra shipping costs.

·       Print will be rolled and shipped in a shipping tube

 Find out more about artist JFord and original works https://www.jgfcollective.com/new-products/

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