SoundEmbrace HOME T-Shirt

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SoundEmbrace HOME T-Shirt


Dark Gray, Unisex, V-neck

**Since we are so close to the Holidays, T-Shirt Orders will go in January 7th unless we receive word from our printing company that they can begin earlier. We will update you on the progress of your order no later than January 7th.

This t-shirt was designed by Nicole King to represent the ripple affect and impact we can make on the world by simply focusing on the community in our back yard, our HOME. This was in collaboration with a fundraiser, Wednesday December 19th, 2018 to support Chis180 and Kate’s Club by implementing Sound Healing Therapy into their program in 2019.

“This concept is a visual representation of sound traveling through space. Acceleration and amplification is represented by movement and varying thickness of the lines. A new take on a retro style is intended to inspire and uplift.” - Nicole King

Design by Nicole King

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Color : Asphalt
Unisex V Neck T-Shirt

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