SoundEmbrace 101
January 18th, 2020


This class is will be experiential!

SoundEmbrace 101

SoundEmbrace 101 serves to be an introduction to the field of Sound Healing Therapy. You can be a complete beginner with no experience, or instruments, or someone who has been in the field and looking to engage with SoundEmbrace to further their knowledge and understanding.
Students will learn the foundational principles of Sound Healing Therapy, play a variety of instruments, gain the confidence to move forward (or not) in investing and pursuing this career, receive guidance on next steps and resources, and how to use sound healing for their own personal health and wellbeing.

This is for you if:

1. You are curious about sound healing
2. You are a Musician, Instructor, Therapist, Coach, or Practitioner who wants to apply Sound Healing in your practice, classes, or events.
3. You are DOING THE WORK. Meaning, you
understand that you can not do this work if you are not doing your own personal work.
4. You are willing to take part and share in class.
5. You bring an open mind and open heart to class.


Why teach this class?

Hi!  My name is Danielle Hall and I am the Founder of SoundEmbrace.  I am passionate about helping people live a life they love waking up to everyday!  Why?  Because for the first 28 years of my life I pretended that I was happy and ok while I was battling my on again, off again health challenges.

It wasn't until I was sitting on the examination table in a gurney, and the doctor coming in to say:

"Well Ms Hall, if we don't find out what's going on with you,
you're going really down a dark road."

That WOKE ME UP! This experience was the catalyst that led me down a new path.  One of healing and self discovery. I do this work, because I want to share the power of sound and vibration as a tool for self empowerment.

I can’t to it alone, and I don’t want to.  


Sound Healing is on the rise. The media is talking about it. Hospitals are adopting new frequency technology for treatment. And we are starting to hear about it more and more within our communities.

With this new found buzz, we are seeing a wave of interest in new practitioners to the field. We are witnessing the growth of Sound Healing in classes, coaching sessions, and in music production. The danger, is that a lot of them are unaware of how sound affects the body and what they may be doing to their clients.

This introductory class will empower you with hands on experience and resources so you can begin learning how to create a session that supports your clients on their path to healing, and providing a foundation to speak from on this work with confidence.

Here are a few reasons why we need you:

  • On average, there are 123 suicides per day.

  • Anxiety and Depression affect 40 million adults each year.

  • 100 million Americans are living with Chronic Pain.

  • 11.9 million Americans have Cancer

  • There are 14,000+ substance abuse facilities in the U.S.

With the complexities of health care demands, Sound Healing is a non-invasive healing method that compliments traditional medicine.  Though we are not the healers, we play a role in setting the body up to go into its own natural healing processes.


What You Will Learn

1. How to play the Crystal bowls, gong, and shamanic drums.
(there will be other smaller instruments as well)
2. The Foundational Principles of Sound Healing
3. What can Sound Healing help with?
4. The Difference Between a Facilitator and a Performer
5. Intro to the History of Sound Healing and how to apply it today
6. Where do you go from here?

*Everyone will get a chance to facilitate a sound bath by the end of class!


Christopher Wood

Not only a deeper understanding of sound and vibration as a healing medium and modality, but methods and insights on the practical side of facilitating.

As a practicing facilitator of sound healing I found this class extremely beneficial.
If I were very new to the world of sound healing it would have been just as amazing though. I'm a constant student, and I'm always looking for ways to deepen my knowledge, my practice, insights of colleagues and from students or participants. You have to look everywhere for the knowledge.

Danielle was an amazing, open, knowledgable and vulnerable teacher. The students who were in attendance were also amazing and fed my experience so much. Admittedly my sound baths can border on the experimental-side, and I felt that some instruction from Danielle would give me more insight to appeal to audiences I haven't yet reached as well as enhance what I was already playing.
One of the most impactful aspects was being introduced to a range of instruments. I left realizing I am called to learn and incorporate percussion into my baths.

Overall, I felt the SoundEmbrace Sound Healing 101 class gave me not only a deeper understanding of sound and vibration as a healing medium and modality, but methods and insights on the practical side of facilitating. 

Mara Rosaria

SoundEmbrace 101 could not have come at a better time.

I had been looking for a sound healing workshop to help further me in my own sound baths, and then Danielle showed up. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to sound healing! The best part about her workshop is that it really caters to a large scale of healers, those looking to further their practice, and those just looking to learn more about it.

Plus, she’s such a great teacher, and she really knows her stuff. Her class is very hands on and she’s so cute and funny that the overall vibe of her classes are very light and comfortable. I will definitely be signing up for her next workshop. 

Angelica Gurel

Danielle’s SoundEmbrace 101 class was excellent! I walked into the space in AWE! It was so beautiful!

The class taught me all sound healing basics, and exposed me to musical instruments that I had never seen before. It was incredible! I have the chance to experience and play all of them.

When I left the class, I felt a lot more confident in playing the instruments as well as being able to talk about Sound Healing to others. 

Her class is very interactive, and she is very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks to this class I have deepen my practice and I have a much deeper connection with this work.  I can’t wait to take another one of her classes! 

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