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Planetary Sound Immersion Fundraiser

  • Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium at Fernbank Science Center 156 Heaton Park Drive Atlanta, GA 30307 United States (map)

This is going to be EPIC!

SoundEmbrace has been successful in creating jobs for sound healers in the corporate wellness arena. Chik-fil-a, Lululemon, and Wix are just a few of our clients and we are deeply thankful to serve them. 

We are now stepping into our first fundraising initiative to create job opportunities for sound practitioners in wellness centers and non profit organizations so we may serve our community in mental health and well being. 

This EPIC Sound Immersion is going to be at the Fernbank Science Center Planetarium, and I will be accompanied by 4 of my Sound Practitioners! 

Doors Open at 6:30pm
Doors Close Promptly at 7:00pm (no exceptions)
Event Over at 9:00pm

The Vision:

Most people want to serve and make a positive impact in the world but they soon become overwhelmed when they think about the enormity of its problems. 

“Where do I start?”
“Which cause do I choose?”
“Will it really make a difference?”

We often feel the problems of the world are too big for us that we forget that supporting our neighbors can have an immense impact on positive change in the world we want to live in. This fundraiser is a call to action. This fundraiser will directly impact adults and children in our Atlanta community; relieving stress, reducing pain, providing hope, creating jobs, and elevating the field of Sound Medicine.

In Person Sound Experience:

Imagine sitting comfortably in reclined seats while you are immersed in heavenly sounds that entrain you to a higher state of consciousness. You have the choice to keep your eyes open while taking a visual journey with sound, touring through space; or choose to relax into the sound with eye masks provided for you as a gift!

Afterwards, enjoy touring the exhibits, chatting it up with our sponsors and vendors, and taking photos at our backdrop. You will leave with a THANK YOU gift bag and a feeling of peace within your mind, body, and spirit!

The Online Auction:

SoundEmbrace has teamed up with our non profit partner The Center for Love and Light Institute to curate an online Auction experince benefitting our first fundraising initiative to create job opportunities for sound practitioners to go into non profit organizations serving in mental health and well being. 

100% of the profit will go towards gaining contracts for job opportunities, and hireing sound practitioners to work with non profit organizations working in mental health and wellness. 

These are two programs we have confirmed so far for 2019:

Chris180 saves, serves, and protects children, young adults, and families who have experienced trauma to help them change the direction of their lives. CHRIS 180’s award-winning leadership and programs have transformed more than 60,000 lives and are an acknowledged pioneer among mental health, child advocacy, and family welfare providers. In 2019, SoundEmbrace will hire 1 sound practitioner to support the wellbeing of volunteers, therapist, and staff who work in their program. 

Kate’s Club is an organization that supports children going through the grieving process of a loved one. Their programing runs twice a month with 3 groups each day. SoundEmbrace will become a part of their program starting in January. SoundEmbrace will hire 1 sound practitioner to support the wellbeing of these children in the program.  

Why do a fundraiser to hire Sound Practitioners?

I have a strong belief that we can make an immense impact on the world by supporting the communities in our own backyard. I want to support the health and wellness initiatives and organizations already in place in Atlanta but have found that funding is extremely limited in being able to pay practitioners and therapist a wage that supports their own wellbeing and livelihood in their passions work. 

This fundraiser creates an ecosystem that will allow SoundEmbrace to hire a Sound Practitioner at a rate that will support them in doing their passions work while also giving back to the community. This not only creates jobs, and provides support to our neighbors, it also elevates the validity of the role sound healing plays in the health and wellness industry. The best part is... YOU get to be a part of that initiative too!

About SoundEmbrace:

At SoundEmbrace, we are creating a new way of working that has created an ecosystem supporting every part of the mission: to raise awareness and elevate the field of sound healing. From educating, and creating job opportunities for sound healing practitioners, to making sound healing accessible through public group sessions and the soon to be SoundEmbrace App, we are able to give back to our communities so that we may all live a life we love.

We are so excited for this fundraising and we hope you are too! I look forward to sending you the report in January of what we have raised together!

Thank you for being a part of this initiative to help others live a life they love through Sound Medicine!


Later Event: January 5
SoundEmbrace + Kate's Club