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ATL : Love Amplified - Connection to the Divine Within

  • The Center For Love and Light 1145 Zonolite Rd NE #7 Atlanta, GA 30306 United States (map)

Happy Mother's Day! 

In celebration of Mother’s Day we invite you to a unique experience of connecting with the divine within.  Join Danielle Hall, Shana Nunnelly, Angelica Gurel, and Mara Anthony as they lovingly guide you on a journey inward, connecting the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual to fully embody that the space that holds aligned truth within.

Love Amplified - Connection to the Divine Within

Open to men and women, moms and not moms, we will be begin with an opening circle meditation by Danielle Hall to ground before the journey.  Shana Nunnelly will invite everyone to pull a tarot card that will be the message for that individual to contemplate during our time together.  She will lead everyone in a candle lighting ceremony to connect with the message. 

You will them be guided by Angelica Gurel in a silent walking meditation on the beautiful nature preserve just steps from the venue.  As she guides you, Danielle, Shana, and Mara will be drumming as we walk deeper on the trail to to our meditation spot to connect more deeply with Earth energy.

This guided walk, will then lead us back inside where we will then embody the messages from tarot and Gaia through movement.  Find ease and beauty within, as Mara Anthony guides you through a fluid qigong session. 

From there, you will be invited to lay down for a deeply immersive and meditative journey into sound guided by sound practitioner Danielle Hall. Sound Practitioners Angie, Shana, and Mara will also join in to bring together the 4 elements with 24 quartz crystal bowls, 4 gongs, drums, koshi chimes, and other beautiful connection instruments.  

We will rejoin into our circle where we will end our time together in a grounding tea ceremony.  
(Limited space available.)

$95 until April 30th
$125 after April 30th

Doors open at 12:45pm
Doors close at 1:00pm
Ends at 4:30pm 

How do I dress?
Please dress comfortably as you will be laying down on the floor. You will be asked to take off your shoes, so please wear socks if that will be more comfortable.

What to bring?
Yoga Mat
And anything that will make you feel more comfortable laying on the floor. (blanket, pillow, bolster, yoga mat, etc.) 

Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath Immersion included:

• relief from stress or anxiety

• pain reduced

• peace of mind and mental clarity

• emotional healing or release

• continuing self development

• better sleep

• spiritual connection, integration and wholeness.

You may choose to use: 
You can use the code: danielleh9306ue for $5 off your first two rides

PLEASE NOTE: If you have have a history of seizures, or currently have thrombosis, you will not be permitted without a doctors note with their permission to participate. Sound Baths are not recommend for women in their first to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

There is a possibility with all sound bath sessions and events that pictures and video will be taken and shared on social media with the intention to make Sound Healing more accessible. Though faces are usually not seen, there is the possibility. Please email if you have any questions regarding this. 

Return Policy:
There are no refunds and tickets are non transferable